Wednesday, February 28, 2007

le petit briere

Yup, he is the one I secretly cheer for. I'm pretty sure it's because I wish he played for us, but even when his team is kicking our arse, I kinda hope for him to score. And with 3 goals (2 gwg) and 4 assists in three games vs. the Flyers, he does like to score against us.

I think I like the fact that he makes Esche look so bad too. Eschy has got to go and Briere can only help make that departure happen faster.

Oh my god, why am I telling you this? I am such a traitor...I feel so guilty!


Paige said...

Danny Boy! You can't help but love him! But I pray daily that we can keep him and Drury next year. I heard that the Flyers are willing to empty the bank for either him or Drury (or was that another team?). It would just bo to weird to play the Flyers with both Biron and Briere...!

Elly said...

It sounds like Esche is on his way out with Biron moving into Flyers Land.

kristin said...

In order for Esche to move somewhere, someone would have to want him first!

And yes, they would break the bank to get Briere (fingers crossed).

Heather B. said...

I'll be surprised if Danny goes to Philly and SHOCKED if Chris goes there. Danny wants some stability but Chris wants to win and while I think Philly has some potential I think it might take them a few years to get there yet. We'll see though. This could just be my desire to a) Keep Danny and Chris b) Not see any more of my boys in Flyers' colors. (Sorry, Flyers fans. You know how it goes.)