Sunday, February 25, 2007

Isn't it Amazing?

What I think is amazing is this: the Buffalo Sabres have to have the best fans out there. I'm sorry, but it's true! As you recall, there was a "unfair" hit against Chris Drury from Chris Neil. Many did not believe it was dirty, but the way Neil acted last night I think made it significant that he had the intention of hurt Chris Drury. He instigated (Is that a word? Maybe he was the 'instigator.') many fights last night, but only one was started between himself and Adam Mair (along with an anticipated fight between Andrew Peters and Brian McGratton). He also barged in after McGratton got in Danny Briere's face during the game warm-up, Adam Mair also showed up to make sure nothing happened.

ANYWAYS... Lindy Ruff was fined $10,000 because he put the Peters, Mair, Kaleta line up verses the Spezza line on Thursday. Now, every player agrees, he did not tell them to do anything, only to get on the ice. Now, that right there made Buffalo mad, so some people decided to make a statement and help out. For instance, Pesci's Pizza, a Buffalo pizzeria, decided to donate 10% of their proceeds to Lindy Ruff to pay his fine. Also, in some towns farther to the south, a school is suggesting students who are Sabres fans donate a dollar, also for Ruff's charge. As a result, the Sabres organization released this statement-

"The Buffalo Sabres organization is aware of some fans wanting to donate money to help pay for the fine that was levied on Lindy Ruff by the NHL on Saturday. It certainly is a wonderful gesture by our fans to want to assist Lindy through various fundraisers, but the team will pay the fine. We do not want fans to donate any money to Lindy or the organization as a result of the fine."

Although, many people were expecting this, so Chris Phillips, co-owner of Pesci's Pizza specified "If Lindy wants to donate it to a charity of his choice or the Sabres Foundation, that would be fine with us." I mean, how many cities would do that for their team. It reminds me of last year in March, when the fans were very supporting of the Ruff family because his daughter, Madeleine, was discovered to have a brain tumor.

By the way, I change my answer to number 5 on the questionnaire.

5. If you had to punch one hockey player or member of the NHL Organization, who and why?

Chris Neil, because I hate him for what he got away with.


Heather B. said...

I agree that it's prety cool of fans to take a collection and donate it to the Sabres Foundation in Lindy/Chris's name, and I'll definitely throw in a few bucks if it gets off the ground. For the record however, just so no feathers are ruffled, I believe the Edmonton fans did something along these same lines when Craig MacTavish was fined earlier in the season for criticizing the officiating.

I do agree that some of us are pretty great though :-)

Shan said...

On the one hand, it's nice, but on the other, people need to get their priorities straight. The Sabres and Ruff can afford the fine easily. There are other causes that should inspire us to take action and help out, other than hockey events.

The Acid Queen said...

Been there, done that.


Fans of the other 29 NHL teams.

Heather B. said...

Shan: I get what you're saying, I think. I believe the fine was deserved and I think it was dumb for fans to offer to pay it, particularly when our owner is richer than God. But if it's going to inspire people to collect and donate $10,000+ to a foundation that does a lot of great work in the local community, I'm not sure that can be considered a bad thing. Whatever works, you know?

Jordi said...

I think anyone will realise that the money's going to a charity - especially since Edmonton's past experience with it. People put money to make a statement, they're doing it because they're probably not happy with the fact that ridiculous things happen like that while they turn a blind eye to say, the other things that are falling apart.

The thing is that Ruff can pay it easily, but it's never going to dent anything except a credit card bill. So why do they bother still doing it?

Paige said...

Well, the money is mostly a statement. Ruff has money to lose, and he has stated that there is no other way to handle that situation, he thinks. But a lot of people think the hit was dirty, and the NHL is basically sending the message that the hit was not dirty and Lindy over-reacted, but our captain was hurt, and they sent a message. Even if Ruff could afford it easily, it's really coming out of Golisano's pocket, he'll probably just give Ruff a $10,000 bonus or something. Like I said, it's mainly just a statement.

Paige said...

Also- Maybe I should change that- HOCKEY has the best fans in the world. Even if the Sabres are generally especially awesome.