Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I'll Miss You Marty!

I know how much everyone here at HLOG loves the sweet, funny, easy-to-like Marty Biron, so I'd thought I'd announce that he has indeed been traded. With out him- *ugh* I no longer have so many things-

  • Someone to enjoy watching get into a goalie fight
  • Someone to laugh at when ever they are mic'd
  • Someone to relax the Sabres
  • Someone to make me laugh, even when we lose a terrible game
  • Someone to stand between the pipes, and give the ever hardworking Millsy an ever needed break

I now can only hope that the Sabres can find someone who has a personality like his, even though I don't think it can be done, especially among skilled hockey players. Of course, a goalie fight is a memorable way to say goodbye. I'm happy for him b/c he'll now have a chance to finally be a starter, just like he deserves. Yet, I do feel sorry, because after so many years, and now that we will have a best playoff run since forever, he won't be able to finish his legacy with a Stanley Cup. Marty, I'LL MISS YOU! :-( and so will the entire Buffalo area. Kristin- I'm afraid I am now nearly a Philly fan. Count your blessings, and take good care of him.

Along with Biron, the Sabres have also traded Jiri Novotny, but received Timo Helbling and Dainius Zubrus, from the Washington Capitals, even though Zurbus is an unrestricted free agent after this season. Also, to replace Marty, we have acquired Ty Conklin from the Columbus Blue Jackets for our new back-up. We also acquired another d-man from the Predators, Mikko Lehtonen. It's great to add some depth to our defence.

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Now, since I didn't think I should just write about the trades done on the Sabres, I thought I'd answer the Weekly Challenge- so, who do I secretly cheer for? Let's see... there's a few.

Sidney Crosby- Yes, I have a soft side for this little wonder. Maybe it's because he's nearly my age and hot as hell. Maybe it's that he is the best player in the league. It just seems like he has it all. I'm actually a new semi-fan of the entire Penguins team. I also like Malkin- I love Russians.

Zdeno Chara- I know he a giant, I know he's scary, and I know he's just a little creepy, but I am in total awe. It's amazing someone as monstrous as Chara can be so graceful, and over a hundred mile shot, oh my god. If I was a goalie blocking that shot, I think I'd pee my pants.

Jaromir Jagr- I know everyone hates him, but as a player, I have a lot of respect. He has been through it all, and has the expeirence to prove it.



Ellie said...

ugg philly of all places...

maybe eventually we'll turn you into a full force pens fan paige - seeing how you've already got a soft spot for three of the greatest players to sport a pens uniform : )

kristin said...

With a glowing review like that, I will consider us lucky indeed. His personality sounds like something the Flyers could really use. I do feel bad though that he is going from first to worst!

Steph said...

And no more martyberries and silly little parody mic'd up segments...

Elly said...

It's really sad to see him go...who is going to talk smack to Eric Staal now?

Not everyone hates Jagr (although if you asked me this about 5 years ago, I would have said they do), just takes a bit of time for people to forgive and forget. :)

Sherry said...

No, not everyone does hate Jagr but count me in as one of the majority who does.

kristin said...

Ooh! I forgot about the trash talk! Now I am really excited!

Heather B. said...

Kristin, Marty is a total sweetheart and I dare you to not fall in love with him. It's not possible!

Steph, many of my friends have commented on how much we'll miss the WGR segments. No more "Hey, Lindy... Nothing" jokes!