Sunday, February 11, 2007

Gotta Love it!

The Cool Things

I just love how very polite and sincere every player is. After every interview I hear the player thank the interviewer. They appeal to fans of all places, ages, and (of course) genders. There isn't any Terrell Owens in hockey. They all are very sportsmanlike and easy to like. Even if they are one of the ones who get in a fight every game, they usually have a good reason for it. Hockey players are just so very easy to love!

Also, hockey is such a historical sport, especially with the Stanley Cup. And great hockey players are some of the most remembered legends, Wayne Gretzky is still a household name and I still refer to Hasek as "the dominator."

Lastly, the thing that truly lured me into the world of hockey is how exciting and fast paced it is. I am still flabbergasted by how amazingly difficult a save is, or what a great goal is at a game, even after seeing it happen a few dozen times before. Hockey just never gets old.

The Not-so-cool Things

Is that what they call advertising? In Buffalo, people pay the Sabres to put the logo on their store, or on their product. But, many a times I have seen people who haven't seen anything to entice them to the NHL, especially way down South. They should be putting commercials on during the Superbowl or some other ridiculously popular sports event. The NHL is so exciting, it's practically begging for some advertising. The only commercials I have seen for hockey is on during the hockey games, which seems awfully pointless because the people watching are already fans.


Heather B. said...

Obviously a winning team makes a difference, but in addition to that I think the Sabres have done a very good job of marketing the individual players the past couple of years. I have no doubt that's part of the rising popularity of the team. But league-wide, yeesh. You're right, the marketing totally sucks.

Ellie said...

thx god there's no TO in hockey!