Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Goose is Cooked

Paul Gaustad is out for the season after having a tendon in his leg severed by Dany Heatley's skate blade. Goose is one of those guys who does all those little intangible things that make a difference. He also does things very few other guys on the team do. I'm having flashbacks to last year's playoffs. Somebody hold me!

Damn you, Dany Heatley! Daaaaaaamn yoooooooooou!

I feel a little better after watching the awesome game with the Flames. But still!


Paige said...

I was so very close to crying. My friend told me, but I was praying she was kidding. He was also one of the only players that was good looking. Plus I was supposed to see him at an autograph signing today, but he wasn't there. :(

Dany Heatley, You're on my list.

Heather B. said...

Awwww, that stinks you missed him at the autograph signing. I would totally agree that Goose is the best-looking guy on the team.

I do actually love Dany Heatley and I know it was just a freak thing. Still sucks though!