Saturday, February 17, 2007

Another One Bites the Dust

Buffalo's current injuries:
Paul Gaustad - severed tendon in his leg, done for the season
Jaroslav Spacek - broken hand, out for probably 4 weeks
Jiri Novotony - re-aggravated high ankle sprain, out indefinitely
Maxim Afinogenov - broken bone in his shooting wrist, out 6-8 weeks
and now Ales Kotalik - lower body injury, out for "an extended period of time"
(this isn't even including Tim Connolly, now out for 8 months and counting...)

All of these guys are supposed to be back before the playoffs with the exception of Gaustad but geez... We already have three guys up from Rochester and now we're going to have to pull up someone else. Can we get some kind of voucher saying that these guys have had their injuries for the season and are therefore ineligible for injury in the post-season? Please?

(No point to this post at all. Just kvetching. I know we're not the only team dealing with injuries so feel free to join me.)


Jordi said...

NOOOO SPACEK! Really, I heart him.

Sherry said...

Ground control to Jaroslav...

Hope the Sabres sickbay clears out soon. I know how that feels when the injuries just pile on but I suppose it's good to get them out of the way first.

Paige said...

I'm so worried, I was practically crying after watching Grey's Anatomy and Meredith dying, then flipping over the the post-game show and seeing that Maxim would be gone for 6 weeks.

"First Meredith, and now Maxim! I can't take it!!!" -Paige :(

Get Well Soon Sabres!