Thursday, January 04, 2007

Steve Yzerman jersey retirement ceremony

Two nights ago, I was lucky enough to attend the ceremony in the lower bowl right behind the zamboni pit so I saw all the participants in the event (including Yzerman) walk directly underneath me. It was pretty sweet.

I wrote up a pretty long recap here and you can check out photos here. I thought of Finny when the Ducks were warming up before the game (I even got a puck that got flicked over the netting).

All-Star Game
To be honest, the all-star game used to be a big deal. I think allowing voting over the internet makes it really easy for someone to vote 5 million times so it kind of distorts the results in comparison to voting before you could do it online. Plus it's not like it's a real game with much physicality. I think it used to be a bigger honor back in the day, but maybe that's just me.

I did not vote Rory, I just voted for the players I thought deserved it the most. However, I did think the Vote for Rory campaign was pretty funny especially the attack ads (like the one against Nicklas Lidstrom).

New Year Resolutions
Dominik Hasek - To keep his groin healthy.
Dan Cleary- To continue this offensive streak.
Niklas Kronwall- To not get injured anymore so he's in prime condition for the playoffs.
Mike Babcock- To find a way to improve the power play.

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