Monday, January 15, 2007

Prerequisites or Requirements?

So, I see that we are to list prerequisites for the perfect game. But the lists look more like requirements to me. I'm a teacher: I'm picky about using words correctly. Prerequisites are stuff that has to happen before. I will go with my requirements for the perfect game. In no particular order...

-Toskala in net (sorry Nabby)
- to be in attendance
-the Sharks must win
-a crowd that scorns the Wave
-McLaren must use the BoD*
-a crowd that follows arena etiquette
-sitting in front of non-annoying people
-a fight with actual punches thrown
-killing off a 5 on 3

I see now that many of my requirements involve the people I am sitting around. It does not matter how great the on ice product, if the people around me are annoying it can ruin my enjoyment of the game. I TRY to ignore but I just can't tune out the conversations that happen in the row behind me. Hmmm, possibly the best argument I have thought of for going on ADD meds, which I won't 'cause I hate pills.

*The BoD stands for Buttocks of Doom, a name given to McLaren's awesome hip checks (is that a compound word?) by someone on the Sharks board I frequent. Yeah, they are called hip checks but he actually leads with his butt so Buttocks of Doom is accurate. And funny!


Jordi said...

Ahaha BoD! That's just awesome. I love his hipchecks - I have to say that McLaren is one of my favourite Ds and he does make me a little melty... (that's a bit of an understatement though).

I think the best part about Toskers in the net is when they shoot to Nabby in the intermissions and he's sitting there all frumpy and chewing gum.

Tapeleg said...

Then again, Nabby seemed to work out well for you last night.

Jocelynn said...

I wasn't disparaging Nabby, just stating a preference for Toskala.

Jordi said...

I'm just stating my preference for frumpy looking goalies?