Sunday, January 28, 2007

Okay, I need to stop getting seats behind the net!

Goalies. I think all the stereotypes are true.

I have been searching for quotes about goalies that I have read over the past year, but can’t find them of course. Hopefully someone else’s post will be chock full of quotes.

I love watching the goalie come out at the start of the period and make the crease his own. They seem to have a million little tics and superstitions and things they do to prepare for the game. I love how they sweep their stick across the crease after being scored on, as though they are sweeping away the bad energy. I hate when another player comes over and taps the goalie on the knee after a great save...I worry that they are jinxing him.

I love when goalies do eye exercises. I watched one visiting goaltender look left/look right/look left throughout the entire national anthem. Very strange birds indeed.

I also love during warmups when the other players crowd around the goalie and totally mess with him. My favorite part of the entire game! (I know that is not entirely goalie related, but I thought you needed to know that I love that!)

My favorite goalie, Scott Munroe (don’t worry, he will be in the NHL next year, I promise) has a very zen approach to the whole thing. He takes his job very seriously, and appears to be meditating before the game. He also appears to be emotionally scarred after any puck gets by him.

Although I have not been the victim of a goalie crush (yet), I can definitely see the appeal. As my friend said (red faced) at her first hockey game while watching the goalie warm up right in front of us, “I bet goalies get all the girls…”

edit: Okay, so now all my favorite players are goalies: Leighton, Lehtonen, Biron! Help!

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