Monday, January 22, 2007

Darn it, is it that stupid All-Star week?

There you have it, my opinion on the whole spectacle in less than 10 words. I look forward to weekday games as a chance to switch off my brain from more urgent matters, but it's hard for me to pay attention if the game doesn't count for anything. I want to watch some real hockey.

Anyway, congratulations to Alex Steen, for making the kiddie All-Star team. For months he suffered media comparisions made regarding the number of children he had and his goal production (for a while back there, the tally for both stood at one), and I'm sure he's getting the last laugh now...and to Kaberle too, although I have less to say about him. He's a great player but he doesn't really register with me as a big name. Good luck to the both of them.

As for who SHOULD have gone (from the Leafs) to the kiddie All-Star game...well, White and Wellwood could have been contenders, but they're both Steen is really the only choice right now, not to say he doesn't deserve it. Besides, we couldn't just suck up 3 spots on the roster.


Jocelynn said...

I've hardly turned my tv on since Saturday night. Apparently, I really only use it to watch hockey. Ugh, i miss the background noise while I knit!

k.le said...

I used to crochet during games but it's kind of difficult to maintain interest in a hobby you're really bad at.

Oh, and try an infomercial. I find them more fun than the average TV show...