Monday, January 22, 2007

Because sometimes the news doesn't make me want to cry.

From the Associated Press:

STOWE, Vt. --Here's Kayla Colang's idea of a perfect afternoon: careen around an ice rink with stick in hand, passing the puck to teammates or drilling slap shots at a goal.

Colang, 17, of Fairbanks, Alaska, started playing hockey at age 5 and never stopped. She competed against boys before they outgrew her, joined a girls' team at 12, and then as a teenager, followed her dream all the way across the country, to the North American Hockey Academy.

Here, she and 39 other teenage girls study and skate from October to March, honing their skills at what its founder says is the nation's only all-girls' hockey high school.

The school, which charges $23,000 a year, has no trouble finding applicants. About 100 girls are turned away annually.

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Anonymous said...

hah I am from stowe vermont and let me tell you it is very very small so that is very strange that it should be mentioned anywhere