Friday, January 26, 2007

It's Miller Time

"The best chance Buffalo has to change it's sports history comes down to the space between Ryan Miller's ears. --- The good news: He seems ready." -The Buffalo News

The quote above says it all. Miller is the heart of Buffalo's sucess, saving us time and time again. I'm so very glad I finally have a chance to blab about my dear Millsy (as his teamates call him).

Millsy is perhaps the just plain weirdest dude I've heard of. Anyone who describes him usually mentions "intense." The Buffalo News showed an article on him, where his father describes Miller as "A baby who you would poke in the ribs, and instead of giggling he would look at you with a look on his face saying "What was that for?"." He is so serious about what he does that he has a sports psychiatrist who sometimes even travels on the road with him. Of course, Miller is royalty in Buffalo. Listen to this, which I found in the same article in the Buffalo News:

"Amanda Shultz, a waitress at Pearl Street Grill where Miller ate that late autumn lunch, took one look and called her mother, Patricia. "Mom, guess who is here," she said on the phone. "God is here." "
^I LOVE this picture, but I'm not sure if I should be insulted by it.^

Also, Miller has a distinct pregame ritual that he does before every game. He is so into the routine that he doesn't seem to notice cameras or even screaming fans. I have a funny habit of mimicking him when I'm concentrating really hard. Especially the way he stretches his neck. You can see his weird tactics on you tube.

So, that's my grub on the one, the only, "MILLLERRR...!" as Rick Jeanneret might say. He is just so amazing at what he does, and so exciting to watch. He was the All-Star starter goalie too.

Just to throw this in: Have you ever noticed that most goalies tend to be number 30, or a number in the 30's? Either that, or their are a few that are number 1, Emery and I think Luongo. Just something to think about.

Speaking of All-Star game, let me take the chance to praise my Danny Boy. It turns out he is more "petit" than Heather B. might think. It turns out he is admittingly 2 inches shorter than his statistics say, making him a mere 5 ft. 8 inches. He was often told that it was too bad he wasn't 6 foot 1 inch, or he could be a great hockey player and make the NHL. Then, after the Pheonix Cyotes dropped him, he thought of traveling to Europe to play. Luckily, the Sabres got hold of him (in exchange for a better draft pick). Good thing they did, because we now have the MVP in the NHL. Danny is leading us on our quest for the cup! (I just hope we can keep him since he's a free agent after this season.)

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