Monday, December 11, 2006

A MTL update.

I'm sorry, I'm a little post happy (you guys should just take away my membership or steal my password for a while). However I want to report, very slowly, of the terrible loss suffered by Bob Gainey. Recently, they have ceased searching for his daughter Laura, who had gone missing since being swept overboard. For the time being, Gainey is taking time off to recover and passing on the duties to Pierre Gauthier. Additionally, this is not Gainey's first loss, his wife already taken by cancer in 1995.

With all the doom and gloom recently, you can only hope for him to receive support from all fronts.

Additionally, Souray is out, Higgins is unsure, Begin & Boullion are possibly out and Aebischer is in the nets for the upcoming Bruins game. I'm not ready to throw in the towel but we've got an uphill battle.

If you haven't checked the Habs website, DO IT NOW. Why? Because of the short little questions they give to the players. The recent question: Favourite actress. Almost half the guys shout Angelina Jolie, Komisarek a little too enthusiastic and Souray a bit too pervy. And Samsonov - shame! Everything you say must be approved by me! If anyone wants to know what his wife looks like, look no further. Sadness indeed.

Their flash video player is needed and as well you can check past questions. Souray drove a pickup truck.

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Sherry said...

That is totally their prom picture. No offense to either of them.