Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Holidays!

As head ass kicker of this place, I feel that I need to spread the christmas cheer. As my collective christmas gift, I'll be softening the whip for the next... 2 hours.

Nonetheless thanks to all you guys who joined this growing project. I appreciate it - especially when I was afraid that this would fade to obscurity, or no one would really get this blog. I think the best part is when everyone's learnt something new about a team or two. As well, us ladies have to represent!

So how bout them lady fans?

"I'm a crazy," Christiansen said. "I broke my wedding ring. I cracked it. ... It's getting fixed."

(A nice article I picked up from Kukla's Korner.)

I don't think there are only one or two women at NHL games, and this is definitely not the point of the blog to try to "increase" the minority. We're just helping other women who love the game find each other. Because like the article says, they've been there all along!

Lastly, here are some gifts I'm mind beaming to you guys. Don't be surprised if Santa didn't deliver it to you guys overnight - he's usually a little late.

Cassie - Would O'Donnell be too easy? Maybe easy days of work after Christmas. Oh and an unsucky ref?
Finny - O'BRIEN. And I guess a couple of Ducks wins to negate my Christmas wish.
Heather - More Providence luck and... uh... Good thoughts?
Sasky - Okay you guys beat my boys last night. I aint giving nuthin'. Okay maybe a steady recovery for Phil Kessel
Heather B - I have a habit of mailing gifts to people that they don't want and I want. So if you don't want Marty Biron, I'll happily take him.
Hockeygirl - A GHOST! I aint giving you any Flames wins. Fine, maybe some starts for Leland Irving, your friend and mine.
Acid Queen - Maybe a brand new TV so you don't have to fight for the game.
Christy - Um... More love for your team? I don't know! Everytime I think of the Red Wings I think of Chelios and Scrubs!
Alana - A Roloson. In a pear tree? Oh and for him to get his groove back.
Loxy - A Marty Reasoner to match the jersey.
Prez - Maybe an Igor Ulanov comeback. Not as in NHL career - a comeback show with songs and dancing.
Myself - I want a gift. And it's gotta be a blindfold whenever the Habs lose and I don't get all edgy when people blame players.
Margee - More Islanders wins? Seriously, they're getting better at this NHL thing. Not to mention that DiPietro has weird helmet hair.
Sherry - A playoff spot... right?
AQG - Lemme reuse it and give you a playoff spot as well.
Colleen - I'm stumped. No, it's because I don't really know much of the Blues. I know they're not doing that well. And, uh, more Blues luck?
K.Le - You're a Leafs fan! Come on! Fine. A healthy Michael Peca. And maybe... not too much pain when you guys lose again. *insert evil laugh*
Jen Z - To keep on rockin? Maybe some prettier Canucks kids.
Rebecca - Many good wins for the Caps! Except against us. Come on, I'm not that generous.


Sherry said...

I would have been just as satisfied with "the Cup" but, hey :P

Merry Christmas, Jordi!

Anonymous said...

Awww!!! You gave me O'B!!!!! *hearts hearts hearts* I couldn't be happier... well, I guess I could be. If I really did miraculously woke up to find that hunka-hunka burning love -- all 6'2" 237-lbs. of him -- um... "under my tree". LOL!!! With his face a rosy pink, and those freckles blending over the bridge of his crooked nose? Yeah... that'd be awesome.


(So... uh, send me that medication ASAP so I can get over this madness! LOL.)

My roommate just said, "Maaan, seriously!" LOL.

Merry Christmas, Jordi! Go give your man some cookies!

Anonymous said...

By the way, you had me so flustered I used incorrect grammar. I meant to say, "If I really did miraculously WAKE up to find..."

Heather B. said...

Jordi: Let me enjoy Marty for the rest of the season and I'll happily send him on to you since I know you'll love him well.

Rebecca said...

Aw, more wins - the gift that keeps on giving! How did you know??

Sorry, my Habs loyalty takes a backseat to the Caps, so I'll be there Wednesday night to root the DC boys on to could happen. Really.

Jordi said...

Ahaha, I wanted to get the Cup but Walmart was all out.

Finny: I should've just handed out players, but I wasn't too sure with everyone's one true love in case they got a regular player whereas everyone else got their one true love.

Heather: But I want Marty! I even drew a little note on the corner of my book saying "Marty is cute!", How bout the weekends? Pleeaase?

Rebecca: I know what people want! But dang this Caps game has got me excited - it better not disappoint!

margee said...

Oh, DP and his helmet hair...the true Christmas gift for us all.

Thanks for all the good wishes and I hope you have a very merry Christmas!

Feliz Navidad, mamas!

hockeygirl said...

Jordi: Thanks for the GHOST! It will go well with the Dion puck I received in my stocking. Merry Christmas, sistas!