Thursday, December 14, 2006

*clears throat*

Ahem. Well. I know this is completely irrelevant but considering my last posts are pretty blah and I'm not yet ready to talk about Guy Carbonneau's fetish on putting on a flu-infested Kovalev onto the Penalty Kill (who completely bleeped up half of his efforts by the way), I want to be jolly and sending Christmas joy.

Okay, I'll be truthful. I bought a nice fat pack of christmas cards to mail off to some close friends and family. Unfortunately I realised I have less friends than previously thought and now have an excess of christmas cards. I am feeling that these cards wish to be mailed and I'm willing to shell out money to send to anyone, or anything, a christmas card.

Really, anyone - hlogger or just casual stopper by.

Of course the downside is that I will require your mail address. But I don't look too stalkerish (even if my bloodshot eyes say otherwise) and considering I showed you my ass, it should be a fair exchange.

So are we on or are we not!?

Side Edit: Okay! The first person (cept Finny) who can give me a good explanation of what Eurovision is will be given the right to name next round's topic and challenge! No wikipedia!


Anonymous said...

Hmm, I don't celebrate Christmas, but you could sign the card under my name and send them out to friends of mine, haha.


Koivu rules.

Also, thought occurred to me just now: Why doesn't HLog have a fantasy league?

Jordi said...

Interesting, I will be willing to do such a thing for a neat cash sum. No cheques!

I should offer a better incentive, for every volunteer, I'll soften my whip a bit.

Koivu definitely rules, I love my recent purchase of the jersey more and more now.

Dang a league. Well we started a little too late to round things up easily. Plus we're lazy and I'm sure statistical evidence that our stellar players weren't as stellar will make half our arguments baseless.

Well at least my evidence.

Sasky said...


Eurovision is an song contest where each European country enters a group and a song, and they all perform. They are judged in each country and each country gives three ranks of votes. The country with the most votes WINS.

The last winner was LORDI from Finland. Lordi > the world.

But yeah. It's cheesy and bad and so so awesome.

Sherry said...

Darn it I'm too late!

Apparently the guy who won was some weird Rob Zombie look alike.

And I'd like a card. I'll send you my address. It's not my real one anyways ;P

margee said...

Oooh! I want one. I think I have your e-mail address. If not, just address the card to "the tallest building with the crappiest elevator in all of New York City, Apt. 17D." It should find its way to me.

Jordi said...

Dangit Sasky I forgot you were there! Haha I can't believe everyone I talk to round hair hasn't got the foggiest idea about Eurovision. It's just wrong!

Oh Lordi, I love him. But if that's what Finland has to do to win then kudos to them!

If you guys can't remember my email just send it to

I get plenty of spam anyway. It makes great weekend reads.