Wednesday, November 01, 2006

When it all began...

There isn't a specific day or moment when I became a Wings fan that I can actually remember. I have been watching Red Wings hockey with my dad since I was little. The earliest season I can actually remember is the '93-94 season when I was 6. Ray Sheppard, Paul Coffey, Dino Cicarelli, etc. I've always been a tomboy since I was little - I played rollerblade hockey, football, kickball, etc with the guys and have been crazy about sports for my entire life. Like I said, I've grown up watching Red Wings hockey, Michigan football, and Lions football with my dad so those are the three main teams I follow right now.

I didn't become crazy obsessed like I am now until 2003. Don't get me wrong, I was a real fan before, but it reached a new level when I couldn't play sports anymore because my knee wasn't getting better after surgeries (I've had 7 to date). I had more free time because I wasn't out on the basketball court or running track so I devoted myself to following the Red Wings and living my sports dreams through the team.

Today, I own over 60 Red Wings autographs, countless photographs, two jerseys, etc. I try to go to about 5 games a season, which is about all I can afford. But I couldn't imagine life without my Red Wings hockey. :)

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