Friday, November 17, 2006

Is that an Oil Slick on my Team?

OMG, guess pay back is a bitch, huh? How do the Blues beat the Oilers on Sunday and then less than a week later look worse than a farm team against them?

Not only did the Blues get outworked, they got caught in traps, weren't covering the net, had mediocre passing, way too many turnovers, and far too many penalties. The sad part about it is the SOG. They only had one less than the Oilers. But that obviously didn't effect the scoreboard.
It wasn't like they weren't trying to get to the net. But when they did, guys were out of position and if someone dug the puck out of the corners and shot it in front of the net, no one was there for a possible deflection to slap it in. Honestly, I couldn't even watch the third period.

The Blues are obviously lacking confidence. And being on a five game road trip against some heavy hitting teams isn't helping to get any back.

They need some serious help on their D and in net. Oh yeah, and Doug Weight needs to start scoring. And Jay McClement needs to stay out of the box.


Ezra Peace said...

hey it could have been worse . . . case in point: anaheims performance against philly on wednesday . . how does the second best team in the league out shoot the worst team in the league 41-16 and still lose by 3?? at home?? you have an off night, thats how . . it happens . . . it hurts . . bad . . but it happens.

Anonymous said...

ugh. you had to bring up the nightmare before thanksgiving? the ducks twilight zone episode?... thanks, ezra...

but yeah, off night... tonight better be better!