Thursday, November 09, 2006

Fin...he's tall, dark and spews

He's tall, dark and he spews something white when he gets excited.

Meet Fin - the Vancouver Canucks' killer whale mascot inspired by the breeching whale in the Canucks logo. He's 6'3", black with a bit of white and he puffs mist out of his blowhole when the Canucks score or he is interacting with fans. Apparently, his favourite food is B.C. Salmon, his favourite book is Moby Dick and his favourite movie is Free Willy.

I acutally like Fin - he's cute. But for some reason when I see mascots I have this uncontrollable childish urge to jump on their backs and take a few punches at their massive heads. Maybe it's because they look like the stuffed animals that my brother and I used to playfight with when we were kids. Or maybe it's because they look soft like those sumo suits so I know it wouldn't hurt? On the other hand, it is possibly because I get such a laugh out of mascot fights. Anyone else have this compulsion?


Jordi said...

Mascots need to lead an example for children, by fighting as much as possible for their team!

Heather B. said...

Something about seeing a whale with legs boggles my brain. It's freaking me out a little.