Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Captain Dallas from B.C.

I've tried to pinpoint what is expected of the guy that wears that 'C'. I came up with quite a few flashy adjectives, but couldn't really capture exactly what I was looking for. I did some research and found Alan Adams' words about my captain, Dallas Drake. The question in play is "What it Takes to Be an NHL Captain?" Adams says --

Take heart and the ability to be heartless.

Add experience, and the savvy to get a message across. Mix in desire, and the wherewithal to instil that same desire in others, and blend in a heaping helping of leadership.

What have you got?

A National Hockey League captain.

Whether he's got his choppers in and smiling for the camera or he's showing grit and determination on the ice with a gaping hole in his grill, Dallas Drake is quite worthy of this honor. Even though the Blues have been in the lower part of the standings last season and thus far this one, Drake always plays his hardest and tries to set an example for the rest of his team. That's what a good leader does.

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margee said...

I've always like Dallas Drake. A.) Because that's quite a name. B.) Because you really get the feeling like he feels his team is going to win at the start of every game. C.) He hustles like a champ.