Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My tattered flag.

Alright, I'm guilty of slacking off. I won't be caught up right away, but I'm going to at least respond to last week's topic because I have it ready:

Take a photo (or draw with your mouse) the biggest dedication to something hockey related you have/own.

This tattered banner is something I've had since my beginning days as a Senators fan. As you can see, old numbers and crossed out numbers are on it. Some numbers have changed meaning and I had to add some, though I ran out of space so I kept it like that.

This tattered banner was a symbol of defiance in my community. This baby was threatened with spit, death, cursing, and carnage. It has been through 5 playoff failures, 1 fit of anger in which I attempted to cross out Patrick Lalime's number with a pen and 1 phase of utter optimism in which I attempted to cover the entire banner with the names of the teams we beat ... until the Sens lost and I thought I was cursing them. So that ended there. You can still see a little bit from the text in the upper right corner.

This tattered banner also has, symbolically, three layers of hockey tape holding it up at the back.

Also, I do not despise Meszaros -- I just hated Bonk.


Jordi said...

What are the chances you and me post at the same time!? But I seriously love that flag. It should be framed and passed down generations as an heirloom!

hockeygirl said...

I was wondering where you were, if you were so really that quiet ;)

That flag should be the winner. Nice work.