Saturday, October 21, 2006

Leaf Fans rejoice!

Thanks to Keily, we now have Leaf representation! She'll be bearing the brunt of angry Leafs bashing and everything I might not like about Darcy Tucker. Besides isn't that awesome? We only need a Buffaslug fan now!

Um. I have no idea what to put as the new weekly topic. However I know that it's going to be on the sidebar as a nagging reminder for all you guys, see it as one of my lovable ways of "whip cracking". After a while I eventually concluded: Explain your favourite community contributing team member and why he rocks.
Do it.

By the way, I know it's been mentioned a million times but I think this is pretty helpful to this week's topic. It's ET and them trying to find a bunch of "Hockey hunks" but, really, Smytty? I think the greasy mullet is pretty charming, yes, but is this really the kind of guys you want to show to your teen demographic? For those who have no idea; Wade Redden, Dion Phaneuf, Sheldon Souray, Ryan Smyth & Andrew Raycroft have been interviewed by ET and yes I find it a little lacking. The way they interview them is like an awkward first date, "Uh... Lemme play you a song about Hanukkah to break the ice". Especially when the interviewer is a pretty lady who just smiles and goes "Ooooh... So you're a forward?". Gee ET I know you don't want to put in too much hockey into it lest you lose your audience in the flurry of hockey terminology, but can you at least make it a little more interesting? You have so much access yet you just give 2 minutes of lacklustre interviewing. Not to mention some of the guys aren't exactly hunk calibre.

I kind of think this is one of the better ones, with Sheldon Souray as the awkward interviewee. "Uh. Like. Pasta." You should be excited and showing off your vintage car! (By the way, wine collecting I can get on board with) Especially when the highlight (apart from him bringing sexy back for the Canadiens) is his adorable daughter. It's something worth noting as he really does present (or attempt to) himself as a figure of maturity. But how many kids must have rejected this offer before they ended up with Sheldon? He's not that bad of a catch but I think there are some nicer guys. For example Saku Koivu is an amazingly charming guy. He's got this most beautiful smile and a lot of that charisma (he was on The Hour and said the Winnipeg Jets will get a cup before the Canucks. Zing!). You could even have Latendresse, who spends a lot of his time on MSN rather than training (take note). And I do have a soft spot for Higgins or our goalies who are quite attractive - hell we have a fairly attractive team. However ET's worst case scenario would be to go find the homeless man Bonk and ask him if he really has a house.

By the way you should just see Smytty's one just so you can see him play with his daughter and go "she must think I'm a hockey hunk".

Oh and Viggo Mortensen (rhymes with Awesomesen) loves our Habs. Watch him kiss the jersey and tell people we're back. But at least he is a bit of a realist and doesn't think the Canadiens are going to call him anytime soon. Oh imagine what it'd be like if he took up that kind of offer.


k.le said...

You know, I like the new Buffalo logo. Am I allowed to say I think it's cute?

hockeygirl said...

I think you could say it was cute, the Sabres might not appreciate it. But hey, Briere likes it so that means something.

Jordi said...

No it means nothing! Haha I still don't buy it, Briere has to say nice things or else management will give him a spanking!

deluded jets fan said...

go jets! wooooooooo all the way!