Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I'm just going to focus on the positive here

Unlike everyone else writing on this, I have no other blog on which to write about my team. I'm too embarassed to start one. I wouldn't promote it and I'd be the only one reading it...and I already know what I think.

So, here they are:
1. We weren't shut out.
2. Matt Stajan scored. You will likely be hearing something from me every time he does.
3. Kubina is coming back. November, is it? That's not so far away...right?

Negatives upon request.


Shan said...

Stajan is a good boy, I can't believe he has bought a condo, I think he should move back in with his folks, no?

Listen Leafie, unless Pavel Kubina is rehabilitating EFFORT, there will be problems. But this is Toronto, an occasional embarrassment to the Sens in the regular season is nothing to worry about.

Dare said...

I'm not going to lie - after finding a source to watch the game (BLISS!) I fell asleep midway through the second period. But from what I did watch and just general...goings-on Leafs-wise...really, I think their performance against the top teams really evidences holes in their defence. Gaping holes that signing Hal Gill and (an injured) Pavel Kubina really didn't fix.

Injuries are pretty much inevitable, and if our shaky defence is going to crumble every time a key guy (and by key guy I mean 'someone who isn't Wade Belak or a pylon...or both), then they have to do something.

What they're going to do, given their lack of cap room (oh Leafs and your standard achilles heel), is a whole other kettle of fish. But damn if I wouldn't like to see them pick up a solid (or even marginally decent) DEFENSIVE defenseman.

Sherry said...


1) The Leafs are SLOW.
2) Tucker needs to shut it.

I'll have much more after the coffee kicks in ;P

k.le said...

We let in 4 goals in 3 games with Kubina around. Without him, we've let in 32 goals in 7 games. He's not going to solve all our problems, but it's a start.

Hopefully I counted right on that one. But you get the idea.

And about the speed issue...we're working on it. We're a heck of a lot faster than we were last year with beardo the weirdo.