Sunday, June 01, 2008

Access Denied

Last night was the first game of the series I've gotten to see. Vacation was calling my name for the first three games.

But I grabbed some beers last night and found a good sized TV to watch the show go down. And now a day later all that comes to mind are phrases such as "shut down" or "access denied". "Is that all you got??" or just a general "WTF!!"

But seriously Pens - wtf! We knew the Wings would be a formidable foe - great teamwork, an all star goalie and a bunch of Lord Stanley veterans. But last night was like watching the kids try to play with the pros.

The Wings were all over the place. They had a response to our every move, every pass, every hit. There were five on fives that looked like the Pens were trying to defend a power play. I kept saying "what was the penalty again?" Oh wait - there wasn't one.

Malkin didn't show up. Passing was sloppy. Too many scoring opportunities weren't capitalized on. The list goes continues. Is their hope for us tomorrow in Detroit?

I don't want to give up yet. I don't think the Pens are giving up yet either. But when our young team doesn't connect on the ice, they are easily taken down. We've come so far! And we can't keep everyone on the roster next year.

It's now or never. Vote or die. Lord Stanley or bust...


Amy Lynn said...

You should have seen the first game...I was depressed because I was rooting for you guys. We'll see what happens...hopefully a miracle.

Elly said...

That game was actually better than the first two, painfully. Either way, like you said, tonight is the night.

Rachel said...

I'm holding out hope for the Penguins too! I still think they can pull it off. Good luck tonight!