Saturday, February 09, 2008

Dear Penguins,

Keep the randomness coming - I'm lovin' it:

  • Remember when Kerri Russell from the show "Felicity" cut her hair short and the ratings for that season went down the tubes? Some things just make a person. Like Don Cherry and the ridiculous suits or Marc Andre Fleury and the yellow pads.

    The Pittsburgh Post Gazette is reporting that shortly after MAF got injured, an Ottawa doctor sent him a letter explaining how the yellow pads weren't such a good idea. This week Fluery was practicing with the white pads, trying to break them in. Ten bucks says he switches back after his first loss in the white ones.

  • If you haven't seen this commercial yet you're missing out. Apparently Jay Leno is calling it the worst car commercial he's seen.

  • One of the radio shows in Pittsburgh does a weekly feature called "Malkin's Diary". Good stuff - here are some of my favs:

  • Sid is practicing on skates....I'm refusing to speculate any further.

  • One of the guys at work met George Laraque at a YMCA event and got me an autographed t-shirt. It reads "To Ellie - George Laraque". According to Carl (who is a big guy himself) "George Laraque is a big dude. If you and I were in an alley Ellie and he decided to mug us, he could take both of us no problem. I'd give him my wallet and your purse and then run like hell!"

    haha I'm right behind ya Carl : )


elise said...

I love that commercial.
It's not their fault they aren't spectacular actors...whenever someone thinks of "Penguins" and "commercial" they tend to think "Crosby" haha

Elly said...

White pads? Uh oh. He didn't have good luck with his new mask, either!

Tracy said...

I agree 100% on the Georges Laraque comment. I have a picture of him and I from when he played here (obviously) and he just looks like he could pick me up and snap me in half... but he's a teddy bear! Gods love him.

Loser Domi said...

Is there a website that has more of the Malkin diary entries? they're great

Ellie said...

elise - they were just saying on the radio the other day how not even some of the good crosby commercials get aired in pittsburgh - they only show them in canada!

elly - yeah i don't know how i feel about our whole goalie situation in general right now...

tracy - george is the man - i love how he thinks fights are fun : )

domi - here's the dve morning show page:

but i think you can find the malkin's diaries more easily on this site:

elise said...

well, there's another reason I wish I lived in Canada.

And about Laraque, I completely love the clip of when he was mic'd up before his fight with Ivanans. If anyone has not seen it, you are missing out.