Monday, January 21, 2008

Troubled Times?

Yes lovers and haters it's true. Our dear Cindy is out for at least a week (most likely much longer) with the dreaded high ankle sprain.

When I first heard about this new twist of events, the thought that ran through my mind was not the rest of the Pens season or playoffs. Nor was it how this was going to be the end to a nice winning streak. And I wasn't considering the lack of #87 at this year's All Star Game.

No the first though that ran through my mind was this: "Shit we just lost a good chance to beat Philly on Thursday!!!"

Hey, it's been a rough start against those pesky Flyers....

But if Saturday's win over Montreal was any indication of how the Pens will look without Crosby, we don't have too many worries. Last year when Crosby was out with the groin injury Malkin stepped up his game. This should be the case this season. If you didn't see Malkin on Saturday against Montreal, you missed quite the show.


Lucky13 said...

I love how you, the Pens blogger, called him Cindy! I do feel kinda bad for him - just read that he's out 6-8 weeks - he'll miss the all-stars, and his team was on a tear. It'll be a good test for them to see how they fare without him.

Bet the 'bunnies are all in a twist trying to figure out who's gonna mop his brow, fluff his lips, and feed him sherbet when he's laid up. Well, he won't be able to run away from them.

Kirsten said...

Haha, the mental image of Crosby trying furiously to hop away from the puck bunnies is hilarious. Uncle Mario will protect him, I'm sure. His wife probably has extra puck bunny deflecting security up or somthing.

Ellie said...

haha yeah i'm sure the puck bunnies will be out in full force now during games hoping to find sid during intermission or something..."omg will you sign my left boob?!? pleaseeeeee!"