Friday, December 28, 2007

Where Do You Like Your Seats?

Last night I had amazing seats at the Pens/Caps game. Usually when you tell people you're sitting two rows from the glass in the corner they go "Oh I don't really like sitting down there. You can't really see anything."

I beg to differ. There are plenty of good things to see by sitting down front. Like this:

We definitely caught Ovechkin checking us out! Or how bout the opportunity to get right in the middle of Crosby taking a faceoff?

Better yet - George Laraque in the middle of a fight:

But the real cake (and I know some of you would be drooling all over yourselves...) is being mere feet away from the goalie:

Not saying I would want season tickets down here, but it's a great way to see at least one game. The players look huge. The puck comes right at you. And when someone gets slammed in the boards or scores a goal you're right there! A perfect way to watch a good hockey game!

A few notes from last night:
  • Does the word "puckbunny" describe girls who don't really care about hockey at all? (As opposed to girls who just want to get in players pants?) Two girls in front of us were more interested in their Blackberries than the game. And they got up in the middle of play. I was about to kill someone.
  • In the middle of a slight beer buzz I called Jarko Rutuu a "fighter" not a "lover". I think that sums it up nicely though : )
  • Speaking of fighting, Malkin shouldn't let guys push him around so much. Not that we want him fighting, but guys shove him and he just skates away with a sulky Malkin face. It would be nice to see him develop the physical side of his game a little more.
  • Kris Letang was a very nice addition to our team. He sees the ice so well, plays a patient game, is key in the shootout and shoots right. He's a keeper!
  • Our powerplay - blahhhh. Yeah we squeaked one out at the end for a tie, but good lord. Quit trying to be so fancy...
  • Staal is in one of the biggest sophomore slumps I've ever seen. Which is a shame because you can tell he's become much more physical this year.
  • It's been an odd year for offense. I don't even know really where to start other than to say things change from season to season. I just wish we could get some superstars on a big goal scoring/point producing streak. It would do wonders for confidence levels.
  • Don't mess with Gary Roberts. That dude means business.
Not too much else going on in Pens Nation other than getting pumped up for the Winter Classic. It's gonna be a good New Years :)

If you want to see more pictures from the game, check out my photo album.

Hope everyone is having a good holiday season - I've been enjoying the cards!


Sherry said...

I prefer being close to the ice in the corners rather than close to the ice in the centre by the benches. That's usually where we sit at Bulldogs games and it's nice to be so close to the action, but heck the benches get in the way when the play's at the other end! Down in front!

I don't think puckbunny applies to the ladies who couldn't care less either way. That's a special term reserved for a 'special' breed ;P

Shan said...

The perk of living in that hockey market is affordable seats.

Jocelynn said...

My sister calls them "Hockey Hoes." Those are the ones that go to be noticed by the men in the audience rather than the players. Or they go with their boyfriends.

Elly said...

oooh, nice! I sat at the blue line, 3 rows back, for last year's Fan Appreciation Game, and it was amazing! Not something to do every night, but very fun.

The power play has a case of schizophrenia: never the same twice. Malkin would be a frightening player to drop the gloves against if he got riled up, I think, but I'd get an ulcer waiting for him to break his hands!

Ellie said...

sherry - i agree "puckbunny" doesn't really work, but the word "loser" seems way to generic...

shan - would you believe those seats were $90 last year? Now this year the mid range seats are $90 and those are only $98. If you're already spending $90, what's $8 more???

jocelynn - what was funny was that these two girls were dressed rather cute and not that slutty. and I think they were with their parents! so i'm not sure what to call them other than annoying!

elly - yeah one of my friends always gets nervous when it looks like crosby and someone might duke it out. can't have your best guys getting broken fingers and such from fights!

Shan said...

You can call them "hackey fans" if they don't really care about the game.

Tracy said...

Alright, I have been guilty of paying too much attention to my stupid technologically advanced phone (read - way too expensive and way too much crap going on) during a game. Normally it happens when I'm losing 5-1 or so... the phone becomes strangely intoxicating at that time. :)

As for the seats... every once in a while I like to sit SUPER close or right behind the bench (here's to you Finny!) but for the most part I prefer between rows 7 and about 20 in the corners. Then again, I've sat all over my WHOLE arena and there's really no such thing as a bad view there, thank the gods. :P

Kirsten said...

I used to be picky about my seats before I moved to Oregon, but now that I only see six games a year or whatever, I just take what I can get. I was clearly spoiled before. Yay for season ticket holding parents, but boo for living in a place with no ice.

I like to sit in the corners, lots of good stuff goes down there.

Elly said...

Ellie: Seriously! It's nice to see them get a little physical, and not every fight ends in injury, but I always hold my breath a little...

Shan: 'Hackey fans' makes me think they might be from Brooklyn.

kristin said...

Ice row is how I became obsessed with hockey. The guys and the puck crashing into the glass right in front of you...there is really nothing like it!

I'm totally spoiled by ice row seats, but I do love the occasional sojourn to the upper level...there is a great view from up there! You can actually see everything that is happening!

But don't be jealous of these. No, you can be jealous, it's cool....

Ellie said...

Kirsten - ooo I'm going to that game too! I'm sitting in C level though. Those should be perfect - we were A12 this last time.

we'll have to coordinate - wonder if Elly is coming down for that game???

elise said...

There are two girls who have sat in front of me multiple times (ironically located a few rows behind the visitors bench) and when I heard your story it reminded me of them. They come halfway through the game, text the entire time, look bored, and then leave early. It drives me insane.

Elly said...

Kristen: I'm jealous. :p

Ellie: I am! I'm actually up in C too, which is a nice place, due to the generosity of Teka. I think this calls for a mini-Pittsburgh convention! Beer and margartias for everyone!