Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Damn It Feels Good to be a Gangster...

I think my high from seeing Saturday night's home opener is just starting to wear off. If you ever get a chance to see your team's home opener take it. It's such a great feeling to be sitting in an arena with a bunch of people celebrating the start of hockey season : )

Here's a nice little Pens preview straight from the rink (my own views of course):

  • This is going to be a big year for Malkin. He looked alive and ready for some hockey. I forgot how big he is and how when he gets moving on the ice its like a bird coming in on some prey. Now the question is what kind of line to form around him? I loved him and Staal together last year. Which brings me to my next point...
  • Signing Petr Sykora was the best thing the Pens did this summer. He fits all the criteria: not too old, not too young, can shoot, can move, can see the ice and can play with Sid and Malk. Perfect - good job Ray Shero!
  • This is going to be a big year for Colby Armstrong if he can keep his nerves straight and his confidence up. He had such a "Crosby" type goal on Saturday it was like looking back to his first year in the NHL when he was playing Sid's wing. Last year was a bit of a transistion for him from playing wing on the top line to making a name as a heavy hitter. Can't wait to see what he brings to the table this year apart from his goofball personality.
  • Sid needs to stay healthy with the foot and groin. It's too early in the season to be banking on Malkin, youngsters, and old birds alone.
  • Fluery needs to keep it more consistent now that our oldie but goodie Thibault has moved on to green pastures.
  • Pens power play blows. Big time. If you're looking for our weakness there it is. But hopefully it'll get better (last night showed some improvement).
  • I hadn't heard too much about this Adam Hall kid before the game, but he's a keeper. Knows how to handle the puck and where to be. I like already. Hopefully he doesn't turn into one of those people who shines during the first month of the season and then for some reason gets sent back down to the Baby Pens for "conditioning".

Get ready ladies. Once the Pens get a couple games under their belts and start solidfying their lines this is going to be one tough team to play against. Crossing my fingers that everyone stays healthy. If there is any hockey lessons to be learned from the Penguins it's this - doesn't matter how many young, fast superstars you have - it all comes down to chemistry and passion.


Teka said...


(hes' doing awesome! that's my boy!)

The rest of the team.. well.. they'll pull it together. I have faith.

Elly said...

Hear hear! Sweet mother of all that is holy, I swear that we need to do something about the power play. Switch pairings. Bribe the other team. Sacrifice a goat. Something! It's seriously awful.

I'm really excited about Malkin this year. Now that he's got a year here under his belt, an offseason spent kicking ass, and back to a team that is poised to leap out as a serious contender...exciting times. I really like what I'm hearing about him and Sykora, so hopefully Therrien will exploit that.

Go Pens!

Robbblog said...

Its funny that their powerplay could suck so bad with all that talent..yet it does..weird.