Sunday, September 09, 2007

Mission Pens Tickets

So now that some of us have a big girl J-O-B and are actually in the town of the team we're rooting for I'm taking the opportunity to buy tickets on Saturday.  But man o man so many little details to buying tickets.  Known issues include:

  • The Pens are such a hot items right now that they have only 2000 (approx.) seats remaining for each game.
  • Do I wait outside in line the night before/morning of or take my chances with the Refresh button at 10 am?
  • How many tickets to buy and what seats?  You have to see a live hockey game up by the glass at least once a season.  But that can add up after a while.  Plus who's actually around on a the day of the game?
  • To go to Buffalo on New Years?  (I'm thinking yessssss.....)
Oh and I knew there was a reson I should have bought season tickets:

But you know what all of this means - off season is almost over!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : )

Anyone else have some ticket buying advice/strategies?


Britannia said...

You're talking to the girl who's gonna try for student rush via the text message system EVERY CHANCE POSSIBLE, as i'm too broke for words (and still a student!)

(I'm also ashamed to admit that I'm going to the 1-95 caps camp meetup. But I'm looking at it as a chance to see who's going to be a Bear this year.... and therefore live and work within 5 miles of me. )

Kirsten said...

At Wild games it's almost impossible to walk up the day of and get tickets. You can usually find scalpers outside the X selling pretty good seats, or you can try ticket master. My parents are season ticket holders, so those are the only things I know of to do. In Minnesota you can buy tickets that season ticket holders have put up for sale if they can't be there, I don't know if the Pens do anything like that, it might be worth looking into.

PaV said...

There was a group of girls here in Ottawa that used to sing for tickets - you could try that?

Elly said...

Ahh, I'd love to be even close enough to buy regular tickets. Good luck getting them!

Britannia: I think the Pens got rid of their student rush line, which is a damn shame, really.

Britannia said...

The last I saw of their student rush crap it had gone down to 200 tickets, and they were going to do it lottery-style among people who text messaged back that they were interested. I'm hoping they do it MORNING OF, so I'll know whether to hop in the car or not in enough time to get there.

leanne said...

Make friends with a season ticket holder (or several, preferably)

42 games a year - there's a good chance there's a few they can't make. If you're close to them, they might give you the tickets outright, but offering to buy tickets off of them when they can't go.

Also, even in places as sold out as Toronto, single tickets are always available. You may need to figure out when they go on sale with Ticketmaster and pounce quick, but you can get them.

Ellie said...

thanks for all the advice ladies - i'll keep you posted on what i actually end up with...

Heather B. said...

To go to Buffalo on New Years? (I'm thinking yessssss.....)

Hell, yes! I'll be there freezing my ass off and loving every second.

I'd second the recommendation of getting to know a season ticket holder. That's how I've gotten a handful of my tickets the last couple of years.