Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mission Accomplished!!

10:00am, September 15th - Pens tickets go on sale.

10:10am, September 15th - tickets to 3 games (including the home opener) are mine : )

I'd like to thank God, Ticketmaster and above all....

the Internet.

Let the games begin!


Jordi said...

Congratulations, now 100 people will know exactly where you're sitting :).

Teka said...

You suck. Just thought you should know. :-)

Heather B. said...

Yay, hockey tickets! Are you making an Ice Bowl trek?

AnaheimDuckFan said...

nice to see that you'll be there when we kick your butt. ha ha! j/k

Ellie said...

yeah i thought about blurring out all the details but oh well. i'm going to the game with three guys - they can handle all the crazy fan problems : )

the Ice Bowl is on hold due to the fact that I was in work and couldn't buy tickets. but I still really want to go!

can't wait for saturday!