Friday, April 06, 2007

I’m in a Pittsburgh State of Mind

I took a break from hockey this week in order to concentrate on senior year in college things – namely drinking with friends that I won’t see much anymore after a month. But last night the Pens were actually on the Internet and I had the opportunity to watch them in class with a friend who kept minimizing the window real quick every time the teacher would walk by. Later we were doing homework together in our student union and we both had our laptops up with the game running. My laptop (being older, but not wiser) is on a 6 second lag behind the game on his - so of course he leans over and says “Pens win it with 9 seconds left.” I was still on the 15 second mark but looked up just in time to watch it go in. And so if this is what the Ottawa/Pittsburgh series is going to look like in a few, bring it on Ray Emery – it was fun watching that look on your face last night after we squeaked that last one in on ya : )

I don’t really have any superstitions with hockey although my team certainly does. I usually listen to the games on my computer with my headphones on while I do homework. Every once in a while I’ll start screaming or clapping or yelling at someone – my roommates give me the “what the hell Ellie” look and I fill them in on the latest developments. It’s hard sometimes when only one of your sorority sisters is a hockey fan (and she of all things cheers for the Devils. yuck – I still love you Anne!).

The one thing I do try to do before each and every game, no matter who we are playing, no matter what the circumstances are to is to get in a winning state of mind. Apart from being fun, winning streaks always amaze me. Why? Because everyone is on the same mental page. You can see it – things are clicking, the machine is well oiled and running full speed ahead. It’s a beautiful thing to watch. When we’re not on the same page it usually doesn’t end well.

And so, I feel that one of my biggest responsibilities as a fan is to get on the same page too. To visualize the win, to feel it happening and then sit back and watch. I’m a firm believer in that you get what you think about. So for the next two months here’s what I’m picturing in my head:

As for predictions I’m not sure if I have any right off the top of my head other than teams I would like to see go down and teams I would like to see stick around for a bit. Buffalo has been fun to watch this season and Heather your picture made me so jealous (tickets for the first two Pens playoff games sold out in 13 minutes) so I hope they stay around for a few. Although we will need all the mental togetherness in the world to beat them should that time come (hey it’s happened before this season – it can happen again).

The Devils are going to give any team a run for their money unless Marty gets hurt or something. Who knows. I hope someone else ends up kicking them out so I don’t have to sit through the boring series that will be.

Atlanta/Rangers is a tough one – I’ve really come to like Atlanta. One of their owners has a really nice LEED certified home so he’s cool in my treehugger book. Their players are fun to watch. But then you have good old Jagr on the Rangers who has seems to have found his sweet spot as of late. He’s getting old – another cup would be nice for him. (some of you are probably looking for your baseball bats to beat me after that one ; )

Either way, no matter what happens, the Pens have had a season that far exceeded any Pens fans dreams for this year. And you know the best part? We’re young and we have a new arena coming. So if not this year – don’t worry – we’ll be back : )


Paige said...
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Paige said...

I'm hoping the Sabres meet the Pens in the Conference Finals!

-and then the Sabres beat them.

Elly said...

Hear hear!

That picture is a thing of beauty. It's going to look great beind held up by the guys.