Sunday, March 25, 2007

Playoffs! What are those again?

The last time the Pens made a playoff run was the 2000-2001 season, back when we still had Jagr. That was the year I decided I didn’t like playoff hockey. Everyone looked tired – the ridiculous crunch of games that the NHL insists on scheduling towards the end of the season always takes its toll on everyone. In my opinion the playoffs become more of an endurance test than a race for the cup. If I were running the show, there would be 5 games in a series, not 7.

And so with this mentality and the fact that the Pens didn’t have a chance the past couple years, I take my yearly hockey break around this time of year. It kinda fit nicely with the way the school year plays out – my friends and I are all burned out from everything and are counting down the days until summer vacation. I pick up bits and pieces of how teams are doing, but I don’t really pay very close attention to anything until the final, cup deciding series. Last year I wanted Carolina to win so that Mark Recchi could have a shot at holding the cup one more time.

But as always things change. Not only are the Pens in it this year, but I’m graduating and moving onto corporate America. No more summer vactions, no more yearly hockey breaks (at least this year!). The show is going on and I’m really excited! You can’t help but be excited in Pens nation right now. We’ve been waiting such a long time…

And so all of you lovelies jumping on the Pens bandwagon welcome : )


Heather B. said...
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Heather B. said...

I know this wasn't really the point of your post, Ellie but I like the endurance aspect of a 7 game series. I do wish the regular season was about 10 games shorter though. Guys shouldn't already be dead at the beginning of the playoffs.

As long as you're not playing us, I'll be cheering very softly for you.

Ellie said...

yeah i know a lot of people like the 7 game style but i think it just drags things on too much. 10 games shorter would be nice - maybe i would like 7 game series better if they shortened the season.

and yes - as long as we're not playing you guys i'll softly cheer for buffalo : ) i've really enjoyed watching the sabres this year.

Elly said...

That's a good point about the end of the season (and I know I'm sorta jumping on Heather B's thread here), but my first take on the idea of shortening the length of the drive, or at least giving them a few days to recover, would be to reduce the number of injuries due to fatigue or careless play...and we've seen plenty of that this season already.

Yay playoffs! :) Finally!