Thursday, February 22, 2007

Hollywood Meets Ice

So this was a bit harder than expected. And yeah some of these are a stretch but bear with me...

Round 1: Who wears the facial hair better? Flower or JD?

Round 2: Crosby Meets World? or just Ben Savage?

Round 3: The long lost older Staal brother, Mark Valley? (says Jordi: "God I hope not!")

Round 4: Can I get some more Dominic Moore? No, ok how bout Cillian Murphy?

Round 6: A Three Way Tie - Danny Devito impersonating a fatter, Italian version of Sergei Gonchar. Not one to be outdone is Heath Ledger looking oh so hockey-esqe with a mullet (reminds me of some boys back in the day who won a Stanley Cup by the power of the mullet...)

And for anyone who was wondering apparently Sidney Crosby also believes in the hockey gods (4 from the bottom):
"That's how the hockey gods work sometimes," Crosby said. "It's not always fair or right."
That's right. It's not always fair or right that the Isles ruin your long, long winning streak (god that was fun), but hey - it's still "a great day for hockey" especially with playoffs in sight!


Jordi said...

You know I used to alwayss call Mark Valley as "that guy". And yes. I seriously hope not! I like him!

Paige said...

It isn't fair! The players should be the good looking ones! (except for Crosby's case, he's the hot one)

Elly said...

Oh, thank you for doing this....I was going to try to do a Pens version, and I must admit that I am completely inept at doing comparisons unless they are obvious and hit me in the face (like a guy at work who looked like Shawn Horcoff and the bartender that looked like an older verson of Eric Staal). Some of those are just creepily dead on! Nice job.

Heather B. said...

What the?! Sidney Crosby DOES look like Ben Savage! How is that possible?

carlybaberz06 said...

Those are actually not too far off...but Sidney Crosby definitely does not look like Ben Savage...Sid's WAY too hot for him..